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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Jin Shuan Oolong Tea / 金萱烏龍茶

Oct 13

Jin Shuan is the name of a type of tea tree that has been newly cultivated in Taiwan. The main production site of this tea is in Nantou and Chiayi. The leaves of Jin Shuan are thick, plump, and freshly tender with a lustrous emerald green color. The taste is pure and smooth with an elegant, subtle milky sweet flavor and a floral aroma. This is a unique tea popular among women and young consumers.

Note: The previous edition of Honey Aroma Jin Shuan (Spring 2007) sold at Fang Gourmet Tea was named for its fragrance. Those were hand picked tea of the season with a higher level of ripeness and fermentation that transformed naturally into a natural honey aroma.

Characteristics of Classic Jin Shuan at Fang Gourmet Tea

Jin Shuan is a special type of tea in Taiwan. Fragrance is pure and subtle, the bud and the leaves are plump and thick, and the unique milky flavor is popular among women and young consumers. The output of Jin Shuan at a particular area is usually 20 to 50 percent more than Qingxing Oolong and Qingxing Damo. The sprout is neat and orderly, the tree strength is exuberant, and it is suitable for machine picking. When it is made into half fermented tea, its taste is sweet, mellow, and rich with a special variety fragrance such as an osmanthus, or the milky aroma. The one with a sweet milky taste is recognized as the premium quality.

We will be featuring this tea at our upcoming tea tasting event in NYC from June 11th to June 13th for all tea lovers to enjoy.





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