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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Tea Ceremony Classes

Compared to traditional Chinese painting and music where we appreciate the traditional painting with our eyes and enjoy the music with our ears, through the art of tea, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and consciousness are all simultaneously engaged. If you can bring out your consciousness, your awareness, and your intelligence to tea, it becomes more than just an art or entertainment. When a tea master brews tea at a peaceful and tranquil setting, while he/she drinks and appreciates the tea slowly, the spiritual activity is at first like a philosopher in deep reflection. It is then like the state of mind where the Chinese scholar’s “heart sits in meditation and becomes unaware of this world” of which the spiritual state is even more profound and extensive. Gradually, the person enters into the state of mind when human and nature become one in Taoism. And finally, it is like someone reaching the “emptiness” state of mind in Zen.

Fang Gourmet tea promotes this precious treasure of the cultural art of tea through the tea ceremony classes.

From the world of Zen, bring forth the essence of tea and let it guide the experience of the Truth within your mind.

The rich nourishment from the spiritual and artistic culture of tea appreciation can cultivate a person’s mind and personality, allowing the person to be filled with happiness in life and harmony in his/her family. Experience inner peace at the Tea Ceremony at our Tea Expo and look forward to seeing you at our Tea Club and Tea Ceremony Classes!

*請點選此處下載茶友會報名表 *Please click here to download the registration form for the Tea Club.

*茶道班報名表 Registration form for the Tea Ceremony Classes.

和國畫、音樂相比,欣賞國畫以眼,欣賞音樂以耳,而品茶文化藝術更是眼、耳、鼻、舌、身、意都要運用,它的內涵超越了怡情悅性,每當茶人在寂靜的環境中,泡壺茶慢慢品茗時的精神活動,猶如哲人在深層的思維中的哲思,亦宛如中國文人的心齋坐忘,精神境界更深邃而寬廣,慢慢的進入道家的天人合一的境界,最後如同「禪」一樣, 到達了「空」的境界。



有茶道中人如此讚嘆道:「茶道的修行若能達到最高境界,就可以與佛陀同一個鼻孔呼吸。」此茶文化的理念,芳茗軒以茶道教室來宣揚此寶貴的品茶文化的理念。 品茶文化的藝術氣息,對於陶冶一個人的藝術心靈、人格,有很豐富的滋養,可讓一個人的人生充滿快樂,家庭充滿和諧。歡迎您參加茶友會、茶道班,體驗以茶入道,茶禪一味。

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