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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Buddha's Hand Oolong 極品佛手烏龍

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Buddha's Hand Oolong 極品佛手烏龍

Though now being produced in Taiwan, this tea originated from the Fujian Province in Yung Chun County and is said to be one of the oldest variety of Oolong Tea. At the beginning, this tea was planted in Buddhist temples. Since the tea leaves are extraordinarily big and are shaped like the hands of the Buddha, hence the name Buddha’s Hand.

The aroma is unique and long-lasting and the tea is orange and clear in color. There is no astringency in the taste and the aftertaste is of the highest quality. Also, the Buddha’s Hand Oolong is famous for its ability to endure many steepings.

Weight: 50g




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