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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Wuyi Da Hon Pao 武夷大紅袍

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Wuyi Da Hon Pao 武夷大紅袍

Da Hong Pao
Da Hong Pao originated from the Jiu Long (Nine Dragon) Cave, Tien Shin Yan of Wuyi mountain. Due to the unique and exceptional natural environment along with exquisite and skillful tea processing technique, Da Hong Pao is named the “King of Chinese Tea” for its excellent quality.
Da Hong Pao is a half fermented tea that has been used as tribute to the imperial family since the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Its tea color is a beautiful clear yellow, with a taste that is rich and mellow with evident “rock” aftertaste. Its characteristics are “alive, sweet, pure, fragrant” with strong and enduring aftertaste. Even after 9 infusions, the osmanthus aroma still persists thus the name “saint of tea” among oolong teas.
Weight: 50g
大紅袍原產於天心岩九龍窠,在岩茶中居首位,因武夷山得天獨厚的自然環境,精湛考究的製茶技術,故品質優異,被譽為“中國茶王” 。
大紅袍屬半發酵茶,自元明以來為歷代皇室貢品。湯色澄黃,清澈艷麗,以精湛的工藝制成,茶香濃郁,滋味醇厚,有岩韻明顯,具有“活、甘、清、香"”的特徵,飲後齒頰留香,回味無窮,沖泡9次猶存原茶的桂花香真味,是烏龍茶中的“茶中之聖” 。

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