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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Charcoal Roasted Lishan Oolong 龍眼炭焙梨山烏龍茶

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Charcoal Roasted Lishan Oolong 龍眼炭焙梨山烏龍茶

LiShan Oolong grows at an elevation of above 2,000 meters in a cool climate. There is a vast temperature change between day and night on the tea plantations. These conditions, coupled with the traditional method of handpicking results in high quality tea.

The taste is soft and smooth. The aroma is pure, elegant and evident. The charcoal used in the process is made only from aged Dragon Eye wood. An expert tea roaster then processes the tea leaves by roasting them for over a month. After roasting, the tea is dark-yellow yet bright in color.

The taste is rich and mellow. The aroma is elegant and long-lasting with a hint of the smell of Dragon Eye wood. The taste is clean and is uncontaminated by a burnt charcoal taste. The Dragon Eye Charcoal-Roasted Pear Mountain Oolong is a rare find among roasted teas.
Weight: 150g

梨山烏龍茶生長於海拔2000公尺以上的溫冷帶, 茶區日夜溫差大, 採收製成的茶葉品質特優。 滋味軟滑順口,香氣清雅明顯,再加上挑選燒製完全的老龍眼木炭, 經老焙茶師傅以最傳統的烘焙技法,歷經一個多月才烘焙完成。其茶湯蜜黃明亮、甘滑醇厚、香氣高雅持久,帶有淡淡的龍眼木香。味道乾淨無煙味及焦味, 是炭焙茶中難得的作品。




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