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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Elite Red 狀元紅

Product Tags: Elite Red | Milky Tea | Oolong | Oolong Tea | Premium Tea | Rare Tea | Taiwan Oolong | Taiwan Tea | Tea with Creamy flavor |

Elite Red 狀元紅

Color of tea: First brew is light greenish yellow; after the second and third brew, the tea color changes to a bright golden yellow

First brew: elegant aroma that is pure and mellow in taste.
After the second brew, there is a subtle and elegant sweet milky taste after the leaves unfold emitting a rare high mountain aroma. The taste is refreshing and meticulous. After the fifth brew, the aroma transforms into a banana oil fragrance.
Weight: 150g

湯色:初泡淺綠帶黃 第二、三泡以後金黃明亮




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