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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Golden Lily Oolong 金萱茶

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Golden Lily Oolong 金萱茶

Golden Lily (Jin Shuan) is a special type of tea tree in Taiwan with a subtle and clear fragrance. The buds and leaves of Jin Shuan are thick, plump, and freshly tender with a lustrous emerald green color. The taste is pure and smooth with an elegant, subtle milky sweet flavor and a floral aroma resembling osmanthus. This is a unique tea popular among women and young consumers.
Weight: 150g
金萱是台灣特有茶種,香氣清幽,芽葉肥厚 、鮮嫩,茶葉色澤翠綠有光澤,滋味清純滑潤,帶有淡雅奶糖香及花香, 有如桂花香、牛奶香、甘蔗香, 風味獨特,深受女性及年輕消費者喜愛。

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Golden Lily Oolong 金萱茶

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