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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Original Ti Kuan Yin Honey Aroma 30% Roasted 正欉鐵觀音蜜香三分火

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Original Ti Kuan Yin Honey Aroma 30% Roasted 正欉鐵觀音蜜香三分火

Ti Kuan Yin can either mean a variety of a Oolong tea tree or a unique production method. For a tea to be called Original Ti Kuan Yin, it must fulfill the two aforementioned aspects. The tea tree produces much less leaves than other varieties and is more difficult to maintain. The production method is complicated as the tea leaves must be repeatedly rolled and cloth twisted and then charcoal roasted for several days.

The tea of the Ti Kuan Yin carries a dense ripe fruit aroma and has a clear amber color. Each sip of the tea is rich and full-bodied. It starts off slightly bitter and astringent but then transforms into being dry sweet. Also, it has a slight citrus taste that lingers in the drinker’s throat. The tea’s honey aroma stays at the bottom of the cup and allows the drinker to experience the tea over and over again.
Weight: 150g


鐵觀音有兩個意義,可以指烏龍茶系的一個樹種,也可指一套特定的製茶過程;但必須使用鐵觀音品種的茶葉依傳統方法製出來的茶,才可稱為「正欉鐵觀音」。鐵觀音茶樹不易照顧且茶菁產量少,製法繁複,需反覆以布球團揉、炭火烘焙, 數日才能成茶。


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