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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Premium Roasted Oolong 高級烘焙烏龍

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Premium Roasted Oolong 高級烘焙烏龍

Premium Roasted Oolong
High mountain teas grow in region of high altitude, surrounded by clouds and fog throughout the year. Fine roasted refers to light roasting with low and medium temperature, eliminating impurities and elevating the nature of tea and the degree of sweetness in aftertaste. High Altitude Fine Roasted Oolong can endure many infusions with sweet, mellow taste and great aftertaste along with a light aroma of sugar cane. Tea color is amber with a touch of honey green.
高山茶生長在高海拔地區,常年雲霧籠罩,精緻輕焙火, 用低溫及中溫輕焙 ,再把雜質去掉及提升茶性及耐泡回甘度。高海拔精焙烏龍, 韻甜又回甘, 溫潤耐泡, 非常好喝。 精焙烏龍茶味醇韻甘,其茶湯呈蜜綠琥珀色,飲後使人回味甘甜,喉韻強勁,並帶有淡淡的甘蔗香。

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Premium Roasted Oolong 高級烘焙烏龍

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