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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

Big Leaf Loose Puerh Tea 大葉普洱散茶

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Big Leaf Loose Puerh Tea 大葉普洱散茶

Pu’er is in the high fermentation category and it comes from Yunnan. The production sites scatter around Pu’er County, thus the name for the tea. Tea leaves are in strip form, and are thick, plump and strong. Its color is dark, moist and smooth with a taste that is silky, sweet and mellow. There is a unique aged aroma that’s a gift of time. Pu’er can help lower blood lipid, reduce weight, suppress germs, help digestion, induce salivation, quench thirst, help relieve hangovers and can help with detoxification. It is also considered to be a beauty and health maintenance drink that has become popular worldwide.
weight: 100g

普洱茶,屬重發酵茶。產於雲南省,因集散於普洱縣,故名普洱茶 。普洱茶的外型呈條索狀,肥大粗壯,色澤烏潤,滋味滑潤甘醇,具有獨特的陳香,是歲月的獻禮。普洱茶具有降低血脂、減肥,抑菌、幫助消化、暖胃、生津、止渴、醒酒解毒等多種功效,且越陳越香,被視為是一種極佳的美容保健茶飲,暢銷中外,深受大眾喜愛。普洱茶是茶中的貴族,獨立於蒼茫中,綻放出生命的光采。

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Big Leaf Loose Puerh Tea 大葉普洱散茶

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