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Fang Gourmet Tea 芳茗軒

White Tea 壽眉白茶

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White Tea 壽眉白茶

Shou-Mei, also called Gong-Mei, is a light fermented white tea. It is a unique rarity among tea due to the complete and full fine hair on the tea leaves, its refreshing fragrance, the clear yellowish green color of the tea, and the delicate sweetness of its aftertaste. The finished products of white tea are mostly “ya to”, or “first buds” getting their names from their silver and snowy-white color.
The characteristics of high quality Shou-Mei include: visibility of the heart of the leaves; the completeness of the leaf shape; the light green color of the leaves; the clear yellow color of the tea; and while held against the light, the veins of the leaves appear red in color.
The neutral nature of Shou- Mei is neither hot nor cold, with antioxidant benefits. It is also helpful in detoxification, making it a great health maintenance tea.
weight: 75g


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